4 Best Marathons for Beginners

All marathons have different routes with a varying degree of difficulty, different demands in terms of gear, weather, audience or location. Here are four excellent marathons for beginners, so you can choose the one that best suits what you are looking for.

The Newport Marathon Will Give You an Excellent View

If you are looking for a marathon that not only allows you to complete this sports activity but also lets you enjoy excellent scenery, this is the right marathon for you.

The Newport Marathon is a 26.2-mile route in a field that runs along the sea, overlooking the most spectacular mansions. This will make the marathon a wonderful distraction that could help you complete the marathon easily.

Besides, the end of the route becomes much more bearable and surmountable since it is downhill.

A Fast and Flat Marathon in New Jersey

If you want to start slowly, the ideal marathon for you is the one whose route is as flat as possible, which will allow you to finish it more quickly.

The New Jersey Marathon has these characteristics, except for some hills and bridges. This marathon will take you to enjoy the coast that includes the Asbury Park boardwalk to culminate in Pier Village facing the sea.

No Crowd Is More Enthusiastic Than the Chicago Marathon Crowd

1.7 million people are the number of spectators who support the spectacular Chicago Marathon, which is considered one of the six greatest marathons in the world.

The Wind City Marathon race has a lottery system for your participation and runs through the beautiful streets of downtown Chicago.

Enjoy a Marathon in a Big City like New York

The New York Marathon is a much more difficult race in terms of qualification. However, to enter you can participate in the New York Road Runners (NYRR) lottery system or participate in the program that hosts this marathon if you reside in this beautiful city.

Now, although this marathon requires conditioning that is much more physical, it may make you through some difficulties for the preparation and classification. The route to be covered is impressive since it crosses the five counties of the city to end in the spectacular Central Park.

Program yourself, choose the marathon that fits you the most and start preparing to complete it.