5 Recommended Apps for Runners and Hikers

Currently, keeping track of the physical activity carried out and the achievement of the objectives set in terms of exercises is extremely easy. Just choose the mobile application that best suits your style and economy.

To do this, below, we show you five options of special Apps for runners and hikers.

Strava: A complete App that stores all your sports progress

This application supports smartphones, TomTom, Garmin and even recording devices of choice, accumulating all the data to present integrated information that allows all progress to be viewed compactly.

This App integrates photos, manage distance segments for better control of goals and records, and allow adding friends to give a social touch to the training.

Runtastic: A very easy way to show your training

This App is special for beginners since, contrary to most other applications, it presents the data in modules to focus on the objective of a particular activity.

Therefore, it is very easy to use and allows you to create direct objectives in the discipline in which you have decided to start.

MapMyRun: Measure Your Achievements with Your Shoes, Not With Your Smartphone

This application, acquired by Under Armor, presents the possibility of measuring distances, physical effort and calories burned by synchronizing your Under Armor sneakers with the Mobile App, through the sensors they have. Super useful if you don’t want to run with your cell phone or if you run out of battery.

Of course, in this case, you should not only purchase the App but also your Under Armor gear, making it a slightly more expensive option.

Nike Run Club: Excellent App for Apple Watch 2 Owners

Due to the extreme protection that Apple has recently included in smartwatches, most of the applications that can be used with these devices must be downloaded in their premium version. Nike Runner Club provides free training options, making it attractive and fully accessible.

Also, this App provides information about the events of the Nike Run Club and has a social focus allowing access to Snapchat filters for selfies.

Google Fit: Greater Compatibility with Devices and Applications

Google Fit, being a Google App, logically presents many more compatibility options with other devices and applications. It has both web and Android versions, which are not available for iOS, but which presents comprehensive and eye-catching options for customers.

Use any or all of these apps and become a running superstar. You’ll thank us later once your running game finally improves with the aid of these useful apps.