Top Resources for Runners

Featrured Image Top Resources for Runners - Top Resources for Runners

If you are lacking information about running tips, gear, tech, lifestyle, and even food, here’s a list of the top resources every runner should know about. Check them out and become a pro runner in a heartbeat.

Injury Prevention

Finish Line PT

Improve your mobility and strengthen your joints and muscles to avoid injuries by watching all the videos they upload of their site.

Phill Mafetone

Try all the tips Phill offers about aerobic exercise and start doing some low heart rate training to avoid putting too much stress on your heart while running long distances.

Sage Rountre

Learn all about the benefits of yoga for runners. From recovery practice after a long training session to a restorative and injury preventive measure once injured.

Strength Running

Improve your overall strength and try new strength training routines by checking all the interesting content Strength Running provides regularly.

Sweat Science

Discover the science behind running, sweating, and training. Find out how your body reacts to strenuous activities, and how to avoid injuries by listening to your body.


Hammer Nutrition

This website is full of science-based articles about food and how your body reacts to it or what nutrients work best for your body while running. Why is honey better than sipping an energy drink while competing is also addressed, among other curious information.

Outside Online

This site provides helpful content for new and pro runners. From what food to avoid before a race to how to create a nutrition plan to improve your skills and performance. Surely worth the try.

No Meat Athlete

If going plant-base is your cup of tea, this website is perfect for you. Learn how to adopt a plant-based lifestyle and discover how to implement it into your life taking baby steps.


This blog is filled with scientific facts about food and nutrients, so check it out if you want to learn how this professional Ironman competitor eats to succeed in a race.

Gear and Accessories

Runners Connect

Besides posting useful content about how to train endurance nutrition tips, and running tips, this site offers lots of information about gear and accessories. From which are the best shorts to how to create a stylish outfit for running, all this and more are covered on this site.

The Active Times

The site is filled with articles about the best apps, gear, and accessories for runners, separated by category. Check them out.